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Model 27. Sorayama Tribute.

Acrylic on illustration board. 14.5 x 20 in. (37 x 50 cm)

This is a very special personal illustration and I'm excited to share it with you all since it was done as a humble study/tribute to one of my absolute heroes Hajime Sorayama. After months of practicing, analyzing and being obsessed over his work, I decided to tackle the challenge of doing a full illustration from scratch using the exact same painting techniques and materials that Mr. Sorayama uses when doing his iconic pieces. But instead of just copying one of his existing images, I went ahead and gathered some reference to come up with something of my own so here it is! Very few artists have managed to provoke me such a deep impact with their work like Sorayama’s, so arigato for the absolute inspiration, Sensei! 🤟🤖Also, arigato to each and every one of you for following along and supporting my work!